There will be a maximum of twelve (12) individual pool events plus one (1) Open Water event per swimmer, and up to four (4) relay swims. There will be an additional limit of three (3) individual pool events per swimmer, per day.

Friday, May 3
Start Time: 8am    
Event 1 800m Freestyle (formstrokes not permitted)  
Event 2 4 x 50m Women’s Medley Relay  
Event 3 4 x 50m Men’s Medley Relay  
Event 4 200m Breaststroke  
Event 5 100m Backstroke  
Event 6 50m Butterfly  
Saturday, May 4
Start Time: 8am    
Event 7 400m Individual Medley  
Event 8 100m Freestyle  
Event 9 4 x 50m Mixed Freestyle Relay  
Event 10 200m Backstroke  
Event 11 50m Freestyle  
Sunday, May 5
Start Time: 8am    
Event 12 400m Freestyle  
Event 13 4 x 50m Women’s Freestyle Relay  
Event 14 4 x 50m Men’s Freestyle Relay  
Event 15 100m Breaststroke  
Event 16 200m Butterfly  
Event 17 50m Backstroke  
Monday, May 6
Start Time: 8am    
Event 18 100m Butterfly  
Event 19 200m Individual Medley  
Event 20 4 x 50m Mixed Medley Relay  
Event 21 50m Breaststroke  
Event 22 200m Freestyle  
Tuesday, May 7  
Start Time: 8am    
Event 23 1.6km Open Water Swim (Entries limited to 125)  
Event 24 3.2km Open Water Swim (Entries limited to 125)  


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