What is Masters Swimming?

Masters Swimming Australia is an Australia-wide, non-profit organisation for adult swimmers aged 18 years and over with over 6000 members, located in 7 branches around the country.

Its purpose is: “To provide at club, State and national level an environment to encourage all adults, regardless of ability, to swim regularly and compete in order to promote fitness and improve their general well being.”

Masters’ swimming is NOT just for elite swimmers.  While many members of Masters clubs swim competitively at state, national and international level, the majority belong to enjoy the social contact the clubs provide and to improve their levels of fitness.

You don’t have to swim in any competitions, but they are there if you want to. In masters’ swim meets everyone is seeded according to their entry time without regard to age or gender.  This enables swimmers of any ability to compete only with others of the same ability.

Clubs in the Northern Territory

There are three masters clubs in the NT:

Alice Springs

Darwin Stingers

Palmerston Sharks

Branch Office Holders

President Neil Ludvigsen  
Secretary / Registrar John Pollock
Treasurer Robert Magin
Recorder Moira Wigley
Contact Masters Swimming NT
 Address PO Box 418
Parap, NT 0804
Phone (08) 8981 5919 
Email msnt@iinet.net.au